Watch Jonathan Glazer's Disturbing New Short Film, The Fall

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Watch Jonathan Glazer's Disturbing New Short Film, <i>The Fall</i>

After screening in front of The Lighthouse in select cities earlier this month, The Fall, the new short film from Under the Skin director Jonathan Glazer, has made its way to the web. The surprise BBC Films/A24 production, previously only available online in the U.K., is now available for U.S. viewers to watch on its website.

The dialogue-less, seven-minute short, reportedly inspired by Francisco Goya’s The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters, finds a sinister masked mob pursuing a lone, similarly masked figure through the woods, where they’ve trapped their poor quarry in a tall tree. The hunted one is shaken loose from its branches and photographed like a hunting trophy, then hanged, taking the film’s titular fall. We won’t spoil the proceedings from that point forward except to say they move in a downward, distinctly Glazer-esque direction, with a big assist from Mica Levi’s (Under the Skin) mesmeric music.

Glazer is currently readying his next feature film for A24, an untitled Holocaust drama that shoots in 2020. It will be the director’s first new film in seven years.

Watch The Fall via the link below.