Meet Korg in This Charming New Thor: Ragnarok Clip

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Excitement for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok is at a high, with stars like Chris Hemsworth now making the press rounds. Hemsworth stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and shared a clip (seen above) that features director Taika Waititi (through voice and motion capture) as Kronan warrior Korg.

In the clip, Thor reminisces about his now-destroyed mystical hammer, Mjolnir. Meanwhile, Korg fails to understand the logic and physics of Thor using his hammer in order to fly. It’s an amusing clip, and according to Hemsworth, it’s one of the many instances of improvised dialogue that Waititi encouraged on set. This is quite on-brand for Waititi, who not only acted in his previous films like Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, but featured loose and comedic dialogue in his previous works.

Despite Korg’s rocky exterior and hulking presence, Waititi’s voice is meek and quiet, with the character coming across as a gentle giant of sorts. Per, Waititi (a New Zealander of Maori descent) based his performance on “Polynesian bouncers who had soft and delicate voices.”

Waititi and co-star Mark Ruffalo were sitting in the Kimmel dressing room, but the two were rudely interrupted—check out the bit below. Meanwhile, Thor: Ragnarok will finally arrive in theaters on Nov. 3.