Tom Holland Is an Adventuring Platformer in First Trailer for Sony's Uncharted

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Tom Holland Is an Adventuring Platformer in First Trailer for Sony's <i>Uncharted</i>

It’s just about time for another globe-trotting adventure, because the first real trailer for Uncharted has finally swam into view. The long-awaited adaptation of the platforming/adventure game series stars spider-person Tom Holland as protagonist Nathan Drake, paired up alongside elder sidekick Victor “Sully” Sullivan, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. Rest assured that the internet’s collective reaction to this trailer has already been to howl at the lack of Sully’s iconic mustache, which some have ruefully speculated will be saved for some kind of silly post-credits reveal.

Regardless, Uncharted promises Indiana Jones-style adventuring, archaeology and swashbuckling as Drake and Sully set off in pursuit of “one of history’s greatest mysteries and treasures,” whatever that may be. Standing in their way is none other than the great Antonio Banderas, so at least the film can’t be said to be missing a worthy actor to portray its antagonist.

Likewise, the trailer below is full of humor and heavy on the CGI-driven action, with plenty of shootouts and some recreations of locales from games throughout the series … despite the fact that the film serves as an origin story and prequel to the games, rather than actually adapting any of them directly. There are some odd choices here, actually, such as seemingly ending the trailer on a cliffhanger, and then revealing the outcome of that same cliffhanger about 30 seconds later. Why spoil the gag of such a payoff? Hard to say, but apparently that’s what Sony believes puts butts in the seats.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer before getting a deeper look at Uncharted. Check out the trailer below as you wait for the approach of its Feb. 18, 2022 release date.

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