Brad Pitt is Almost Unrecognizable in the Latest Trailer for Netflix's War Machine

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Brad Pitt is embracing a new kind of insanity in the latest trailer for Netflix’s War Machine. Written and directed by David Michôd (Animal Kingdom, The Rover), War Machine follows the rise and fall of General Glen McMahon, an iteration of the real-life Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who went on quite the publicity ride after a damning Rolling Stone exposé forced him to retire.

Pitt’s McMahon seems to be headed for the same fate, as he’s obviously in over his head in Afghanistan. He tries to make the best of a bad situation, but it only gets worse, as many of these things do. There’s a great little moment at a dinner where he makes the simple mistake of assuming that the Afghan ambassador doesn’t live in Afghanistan. And honestly, who hasn’t done that? We also get some fun moments with Ben Kingsley and Tilda Swinton in this trailer, which just sells us even more on this film’s star power, and even further, the power of Netflix. What a day to be alive.

War Machine debuts on Netflix on May 26. Check out the new trailer above, and the previous trailers here and here.