Watch This Featurette On The Making Of Last Days In The Desert, Starring Ewan McGregor As Jesus And The Devil

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Ewan McGregor has played a wide variety of roles in his lifetime—Obi-Wan Kenobi, Trainspotting’s Mark Renton, Christian in Moulin Rouge!, and most recently journalist Dave Brill in Miles Ahead, among others. But he’s likely never had an experience like playing Jesus and Satan at the same time. That’s what he does in Last Days in the Desert, a film about Jesus’ time spent in the desert with a peasant family before his return to Jerusalem to begin teaching.

In the above featurette, McGregor, the rest of the cast, and the creative team behind the film discuss their opinions on the story, some of the challenges of making the film, and how they expect it to affect theatrical audiences. For our part, we think Last Days in the Desert was one of the best selections at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, so this is probably going to be worth your time to go see when it hits theaters on May 13.

Additionally, be sure to check back on May 10 for our upcoming cover story on Ewan McGregor.