Wheel of Time Film Adaptation Set From Thor, X-Men: First Class Co-Writer Zack Stentz

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<i>Wheel of Time</i> Film Adaptation Set From <i>Thor</i>, <i>X-Men: First Class</i> Co-Writer Zack Stentz

Robert Jordan’s acclaimed fantasy series Wheel of Time is set to get the film treatment.

Screenwriter Zack Stentz (who co-wrote both Thor and X-Men: First Class) has already begun work on an adaptation of the popular novels, he confirmed on Twitter:

“My first and last comments on this. Yes, it’s happening. Yes, I’m pumped,” Stentz wrote. “To fans of the series, I share your love for Jordan’s richly imagined world and incredibly detailed world and am going to be working my butt off to do right by it. Stay tuned!”

Age of Legends will be set a few hundred years before the time of the books where the One Power of the books is fueling a utopia. But when evil forces are unleashed and those who use the One Power go insane, women must unite to save the world.

The film is planned to complement the TV show that’s also currently in production at Amazon Studios. In fact, there’s already been two seasons greenlit.

Having sold more than 90 million copies, the fantasy series is the biggest-selling since The Lord of the Rings—which is also, yes, currently in production for a TV show adaptation at Amazon. There is yet to be a studio partner or distributor announced for Age of Legends, though it’s planned to be the first of three movies.