Watch the Tense New Trailer for Netflix's Wheelman

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The newest trailer for Netflix’s original crime actioner Wheelman has dropped, and it’s a tense one. The film follows a getaway driver caught up in a conflict between the other members of a group of robbers.

Continuing his gradual but inevitable transition into gritty, low-budget action star, Frank Grillo will star as the titular wheelman. Joining him are Garret Dillahunt and a scary-looking Shea Wigham. The most interesting thing about the trailer is that the action seems to be restricted to Grillo’s car: Every shot is of the car’s interior or the car’s surroundings. Perhaps owing to this structural restriction, Wheelman looks like a taut thrill ride.

Wheelman comes out on Netflix Oct. 20. Watch the new trailer above, and a previous teaser here.