Animal Collective Unleash Trippy "FloriDada" Video

Music Video Animal Collective
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When Animal Collective shared “FloridDada,” the first single off their 10th studio album, a few months back, they claimed they were cutting back on their avant-garde tendencies.

That promise must have only been tethered to their music because the video, directed by PFFR, is a trip, replete with a flashing light show that would make Kubrick jealous (note: the video comes with a warning that it could trigger a seizure for people with epilepsy).

Throughout the video, planets collide, the state of Florida wags back and forth and a pair of humanoid lovers give birth to a starchild. Just typical Animal Collective for you. Painting With is out Feb. 19 via Domino Records. The video will also play tomorrow on Adult Swim’s Toonami block.