Arcade Fire Implement Inane Concert Dress Code

Apparently the stylish Canadians think you dress like a slob.

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Arcade Fire Implement Inane Concert Dress Code

Arcade Fire’s record release show this Thursday in Brooklyn will include a bunch of ticket winners, but apparently the band thinks at least a few them are losers. In an email to those
“winners,” the band has demanded a strict, bizarre and downright pretentious dress code for the show at The Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope.

Brooklyn Vegan reports that the dress code sent out by the band requests that fans not wear shorts, tank tops, large logos, flip flops, crop tops, baseball hats, or solid red or white clothing. “Our dress code is HIP & TRENDY,” they say, adding that they “reserve the right to deny entry to anyone dressed inappropriately.” Audience members should also adhere to a no phones (or smart watches) policy, and will have to check their devices before entering the show.

The band’s statement reads:

No cellphones, cameras or recording devices will be allowed at this show. Upon arrival, all phones and smart watches will be secured in Yondr pouches that will be unlocked at the end of the show. Guests maintain possession of their phones throughout the night, and if needed, may access their phones at designated Yondr unlocking stations in the lobby.

Our dress code is HIP & TRENDY as if you are going to a concert or night out with friends! The event is standing-room-only so please plan accordingly.
PLEASE DO NOT WEAR shorts, large logos, flip flops, tank tops, crop tops, baseball hats, solid white or red clothing. We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone dressed inappropriately.


6:30pm: 1iota Check-in Opens
7:45pm: 1iota Check-in Closes
8:30pm – 9:00pm: Everything Now Live

Arcade Fire faced backlash from concertgoers back in 2013, when they asked for attendees of their North American tour to dress in “formal attire or costume” but this did not stop them from enacting an even more restrictive request.

Later Thursday, the band took to Twitter to clarify that, actually, you can wear whatever the hell you want to a rock concert.

Everything Now, Arcade Fire’s fifth studio album, will be released this Friday. Apart from baffling fans about sartorial matters, the band also wrote themselves a fake “”premature premature evaluation their new record.