Arcade Fire Sell Everything Now Fidget Spinners for $109 a Pop

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Arcade Fire Sell <i>Everything Now</i> Fidget Spinners for $109 a Pop

Arcade Fire, as part of their meta-marketing scheme for Everything Now, have released Everything Now-branded fidget spinners with the album on it via USB. The toys of the summer are currently sold out and went for a staggering $109 each. The Montreal-based indie rockers previously teased band-branded fidget spinners, but it appears that they are now a reality.

The band’s latest album cycle has seen several other absurd, yet comical marketing stunts, such as selling their own versions of the infamous Kylie and Kendall Jenner shirts, parodying Stereogum’s Premature Evaluation of Everything Now and giving away tickets to fans wearing the least “hip and trendy” clothing.

Take a look at the band’s fidget spinner below and read our review of Everything Now here.