Watch Arctic Monkeys' Chilling New Music Video For "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino"

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Watch Arctic Monkeys' Chilling New Music Video For "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino"

Arctic Monkeys’ sixth studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, is a left turn if there ever was one, but in the months following its release, the band has assumed higher ground. Sure, maybe Tranquility Base is a little less sludge rock and a little more winding sheen, but the Arctic Monkeys are still topping charts,selling out concerts (namely their show at Forest Hills, tomorrow) and dominating the media circuit. On Monday, the band shared chilling new visuals for the Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino title track, and lead singer Alex Turner appears as stoic as ever. Watch the video below.

In the video, Turner is a meandering, mumbling Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino guest. He stumbles through echoey hallways, explores casino offerings and rides in a trippy elevator. At one point, he assumes the role of the desk clerk, answering a phone call with “Good afternoon, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, Mark speaking, Please tell me how may I direct your call?” The video is eerie at times, a neon-colored trip, and more generally convoluted at other points. It shares some visual ties to the video for fellow Tranquility Base single “Four Out Of Five,; which you can also watch further down.

The band is also currently on tour behind Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, dates for which you can find here.

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