Built to Spill Share "Never Be The Same" Music Video

Music Video Built To Spill
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Built to Spill have shared the music video for their song “Never Be The Same” off of their upcoming album Untethered Moon, out April 21, their first in six years.

The video is a sort of sequel to the band’s previous music video for their single “Living Zoo,” which had featured the likes of a mysterious figure named Hairy Canary. In the new video, directed by Jordan Minkoff, who also directed the vid for “Living Zoo,” frontman Doug Martsch watches their video for “Living Zoo” and becomes obsessed with the long-haired Hairy Canary. He decides to go searching for the actor playing him and when he does find him, the man turns out to be a sort of spiritual guide for Martsch. He takes it upon himself to teach Martsch some dance moves for Built to Spills’ next live performance.

Watch it in the player above.