Burial Shares Eerie New Song “State Forest” Off New EP

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Burial Shares Eerie New Song “State Forest” Off New EP

Burial has just dropped the second track off his new EP Claustro / State Forest after his last release of the A-side, “Claustro.”

Plucking sonic signatures from a swath of different realms, Burial pieces together underground garage rock and a steady electronic pulse for the unsettling, echoing track that pulls us into the haunting quiet of a forest, underscored by the solitary, staccato snaps of branches underfoot.

Weaving an eerie, droning atmosphere, “State Forest” leaves us with chills and a disquieting emptiness as it transitions through shivering rain showers and crackling white noise syncopated by the occasional metallic clang and water drip.

The ever-elusive producer, William Bevan, a.k.a. Burial, last released an album, 2007’s Untrue, more than a decade ago. His latest solo music was “Pre Dawn” and “Indoors” two years ago. Since then, not a peep, except for the occasional collab with British electronic musician the Bug and one DJ mix with Kode9.

Listen to the new song here and check out the art for Claustro / State Forest below.

Claustro / State Forest EP Art:
burial state forest art.png