Carsie Blanton Gets Playful and Political in "Bed" Music Video

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Carsie Blanton Gets Playful and Political in "Bed" Music Video

Political art isn’t always successful. You can end up with something really contrived or preachy or just … not good. Carsie Blanton, however, imbues her music with political messages and still crafts songs that are simply delightful.

Case in point: Her latest video for “Bed,” one of the tracks off her recently released album Buck Up, is both playful and political in the best way possible. Blanton asks us lazily to “wake me up when the president’s dead,” looking like a punk, grown-up version of Little Orphan Annie as her friends party around her in a sunny yellow bedroom. The video features a blow-up doll, a Donald Trump mask strewn in silly string and a punched Nazi (though the YouTube description clarifies he is “not a real Nazi and we really appreciate him for playing one on TV”). All this appears onscreen while you’re treated to Blanton’s niche brand of Americana, one that scrutinizes the “American” part but fully delivers on the folksy front. Even more impressive, the video is sped-up, giving everything a manic energy even as Blanton’s lip-syncing remains on point.

Watch the music video (dir. Andrew Rozario) for “Bed” below and, further down, check out Blanton’s recent Daytrotter Session. You’ll find her tour dates here.