Conor Oberst Opens Up About Impact of Rape Allegation, Brother's Death

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Conor Oberst Opens Up About Impact of Rape Allegation, Brother's Death

Conor Oberst has had “a long few years.” In a new interview with Noisey, the Bright Eyes lead singer detailed his struggles in the aftermath of a false rape allegation and his older brother’s alcohol-related death.

What started three years ago as a comment on the website xoJane grew into a career-altering rape allegation against Oberst, costing him fans and his feminist image. “At the time, it was like: I’ve lived 34 years on this earth, and I’m not saying I’m a great guy, but I know I’m not … I’m not violent towards anyone,” he explains. “Nothing like that would be a part of my character. And for a second, to have the whole world think that was true about me just did a number on my psyche.”

Although the accuser eventually admitted that her claim was “100 percent” false and apologized, the damage was largely done. Oberst still feels today as if there is never “complete closure to something like that in the sense that you carry the psychological things with you.”

In regard to his brother Matt’s death, Oberst said that he “basically fucking drank himself to death.” Still, he says that he could never do anything but music. “I have no employable skills whatsoever. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do.”

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