Watch Conor Oberst Perform New Songs From Upside Down Mountain

Music Video Conor Oberst
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With only a few weeks left until the release of Conor Oberst’s new album, Upside Down Mountain, the singer gave WNYC’s Green Space listeners a live preview of seven of the songs from the new release.

Check out the live performances of “Time Forgot” above, and “Double Life,” “Night At Lake Unknown,” “Lonely At The Top,” “Hundreds of Ways,” “You Are Your Mother’s Child” and “Common Knowledge” in the video clips below.

Upside Down Mountain is out May 19 via Nonesuch Records.

“Double Life”:

“Night At Lake Unknown”:

“Lonely At The Top”:

The previously released “Hundreds of Ways”:

“You Are Your Mother’s Child”:

“Common Knowledge”:

And if that’s not enough Oberst, listen to “Governor’s Ball” from Upside Down Mountain here.