Watch Danny Brown's Berserk, Sitcom-Style "Ain't It Funny" Video, Directed by Jonah Hill

Music Video Danny Brown
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Danny Brown’s new video for Atrocity Exhibition highlight “Ain’t It Funny” manages the rare feat of incorporating both a cheesy, 1980s audience laugh track and a whole lot of bloodletting. And in the wonderfully directed (by Jonah Hill!) clip, no person (or family picture) is really safe from Brown’s “flow house of horror.” Lauren Avery, Joanne Kerns and even Milk/Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant get taken out in the video, and in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Full House. Oh, Uncle Danny!

Check out the “Ain’t It Funny” video above, and find clips for Atrocity Exhibition cuts “Pneumonia” and “Really Doe,” plus Danny Brown audio from the Paste Cloud below.