Indulge Your Sentimental Side and Watch Dave Matthews Band Perform Songs from Crash, Out Today in 1996

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Indulge Your Sentimental Side and Watch Dave Matthews Band Perform Songs from <i>Crash</i>, Out Today in 1996

Never has a question been asked more hesitantly, but is Dave Matthews Band cool again?

Thanks to a sincere plug in the Lady Bird soundtrack, DMB’s sex-fueled “Crash Into Me” was reborn as an earnest, nostalgic nod to a bygone era (the inimitable 2002). The song appeared in two pivotal scenes in Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson’s story, and despite your preconceived notions about the tune’s (creepy much?) objectification of its female subject, it’s hard work not to feel a little tinge of something when you watch Lady Bird and her best friend Julie dance their teenaged hearts out to “Sweet you rock / and sweet you roll” at prom. Even Dave Matthews himself was smitten with the usage in Greta Gerwig’s beloved directorial debut.

Crash, the album that’s home to “Crash Into Me” and other DMB classics like “#41,” “Two Step” and “Tripping Billies” was released on this day (April 30) in 1996. Nothing from the album ever charted, but over the years these songs have become favorites among DMB fans and live show staples.

Dave Matthews Band’s ninth album, last year’s sandpaper Come Tomorrow, is faceless soft-rock, a tasteless garnish tossed atop a discography full of jam hits and likable romantic musings. But we’ll always have “Crash Into Me,” a song that, try as you might, you can’t help but love. It’s musical comfort food. So just be good to yourself today and watch DMB perform the song in 1997 below, followed by the full concert from that night at the Shoreline Amphitheater in California, further down.

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