Dave Matthew Endorses Ryley Walker's "Badass" Lillywhite Sessions Covers Album

Matthews endorsed the album via his band's official Facebook page

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Dave Matthew Endorses Ryley Walker's "Badass" <i>Lillywhite Sessions</i> Covers Album

Earlier this year, Ryley Walker released The Lillywhite Sessions, a track-by-track cover of the “lost” Dave Matthews Band album of the same name. The covers range from free jazz to noise rock and everything in between.

The homage has led to increased awareness of Walker among DMB fans, as well as the man himself. Earlier this month, the two singer-songwriters met at a show in Montreal. Wednesdsay, Dave Matthews commended Walker’s album on his official Facebook page.

Matthews wrote:

“The first time I heard Ryley’s cover of the Lilywhite Sessions, I was in a record store. I didn’t recognize it. Then I heard the words … It’s much more than a cover record. It’s all its own. A beautiful new collection. A tipped hat, maybe. It stands alone. If you didn’t know what inspired it, it wouldn’t matter. It’s all Ryley Walker and it’s badass. Now I have everything he’s released.” – Dave Matthews

Watch a 1999 Dave Matthews Band performance from the Paste archives below. You can buy or stream Walker’s The Lillywhite Sessions right here.