Third Single from David Bowie's Blackstar Gets Animated Video

Music Video David Bowie
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“I Can’t Give Everything Away,” the last track and third single from the late David Bowie’s 26th studio album, Blackstar, now has a hypnotic lyric video. The album’s designer, Jonathan Barnbrook, released the animated visual via Vevo, a platform Bowie has had a bit of success with.

Barnbrook, who also collaborated with Bowie on art for 2003’s Reality and 2013’s The Next Day, among others, released a statement about his work on the video, noting that it serves as a celebration of Bowie’s life and career:

Blackstar was beloved by critics, and became Bowie’s first chart-topping album. Bowie passed away just two days after its release, leaving his fans with a solemn final parting gift—one that keeps on giving.

Watch the entrancing “I Can’t Give Everything Away” video above.