Deerhoof Announce New Album Future Teenage Cave Artists, Share First Two Singles

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Deerhoof Announce New Album <i>Future Teenage Cave Artists</i>, Share First Two Singles

The prolific indie-rock band Deerhoof announced their new album Future Teenage Cave Artists Wednesday and shared the first two singles from the record, the title track and “The Loved One.” The album is set to be released on May 29 through Joyful Noise Recordings.

Future Teenage Cave Artists follows the band’s 2017 album Mountain Moves, which featured appearances from Awkwafina and Xenia Rubinos, among others. Deerhoof have been playing together since 1994 and have produced 14 studio albums since 1997.

Along with the announcement of the forthcoming album, Deerhoof shared the audio for the soft yet cacophonous single “The Loved One,” as well as a lyric music video for the title track “Future Teenage Cave Artists.”

The music video for the title track, directed by Ryan Hover and Allison Durst, features hand-written transparent sheets with lyrics written on them overlaying footage of caves.

The band said in a statement that through the music video, they “wanted to express what it feels like knowing that the rebels are our only hope. Today’s derelicts, romantics, and children are forced to be tomorrow’s heroes.”

While the song is somewhat somber, yet tinged with hope, the cave footage will certainly come off as spooky if you’ve seen The Descent recently (or ever, as images from that movie have no doubt been seared into the waking consciousness of all who have seen it).

Check out the singles from Deerhoof’s forthcoming album Future Teenage Cave Artists below, as well as the full tracklist and album art. Also, listen to a 2009 Daytrotter session featuring Deerhoof playing “Buck and Judy.” You can preorder the album here.

Future Teenage Cave Artists Album Art:


Future Teenage Cave Artists Tracklist:
01. Future Teenage Cave Artists
02. Sympathy for the Baby Boo
03.The Loved One
04. O Ye Saddle Babes
05. New Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren
06. Zazeet
07. Fraction Anthem
08. “Farewell” Symphony
09. Reduced Guilt
10. Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun
11. I Call on Thee