Dirty Projectors Share New Song and Video "Cool Your Heart" Featuring Dawn Richard

Music Video Dirty Projectors
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Damn. If Dirty Projectors keep their current pace up, there’ll be nothing fresh and substantive to spin on their forthcoming self-titled LP.

Following chipmunk-soul ballad “Up in Hudson,” the morning embrace of “Little Bubble” and pitch-shifted torch-holder “Keep Your Name,” the experimental pop group has released their fourth single, “Cool Your Heart.”

A collaboration with fellow R&B/soul/pop auteur Dawn Richard, “Cool Your Heart” is a glitchy soul-pop tune, co-written by singer David Longstreth with Solange, that stands against codependency anthems and rhapsodizes about the joys of being cool by yourself. This is played up in the video for the squelchy electronic tune by Longstreth and Richard, never quite standing shoulder to shoulder—they’re more often rewinding and fast-forwarding past each other. They’re not necessarily where they want to be, but right where they need to be.

You can watch the video for the new song above and check out the new album’s tracklist below. Dirty Projectors is available for preorder now through Domino and while you wait, you can also hear a 2007 Daytrotter session from the band via the Paste Cloud.

Dirty Projectors Tracklist:
01. Keep Your Name
02. Death Spiral
03. Up in Hudson
04. Work Together
05. Little Bubble
06. Winner Take Nothing
07. Ascent Through Clouds
08. Cool Your Heart
09. I See You