Daily Dose: Disq, "Communication"

The single is part of Saddle Creek's Document Series

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Daily Dose: Disq, "Communication"

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Wisconsin-based guitar-pop duo Disq released new single “Communication” through Saddle Creek Records on Thursday. “Communication” comes as the first single off a seven-inch Disq are releasing as part of the label’s Document Series, which is “dedicated to highlighting artistic communities around the world that haven’t quite gotten the spotlight they deserve,” per a press release.

The slapdash power-pop guitar-work of “Communication” might deceive you, at first, into thinking you’re hearing the work of fresh-faced amateurs. There’s something disarmingly youthful about the wobbly riffs that open the track, something almost twee-sounding. So it’s even more disarming when singer Isaac deBroux-Slone skates in with his propellant, powerful vocals and bowls the whole house of cards over. The very best thing about the track is the way it constantly moves—the riffs change, the tone changes, the vocals climb, fall and tumble. It’s nearly six minutes long, but it never feels like it. It’s powerful, chugging stuff, the sound of a young band ready to leap up to the next level.

Listen to “Communication” below.