Disq Cover Jeff Tweedy's "I Know What It's Like:" Listen

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Disq Cover Jeff Tweedy's "I Know What It's Like:" Listen

Up-and-coming Wisconsin indie-rock outfit Disq has released a cover of Jeff Tweedy’s “I Know What It’s Like,” marking the band’s first new music release since their debut earlier this year, Collector.

“I’ve been a big Wilco fan for the past few years and picked up Jeff Tweedy’s album Warm after Brendan had played it in the car a few times,” Disq vocalist and guitarist Isaac deBroux-Slone said in a statement. “‘I Know What It’s Like’ really stood out to me as a great pop/rock song that I could put my own spin on- the minimal structure of the original gave room for creative license.”

The new version is an accelerated take on Tweedy’s, swapping out the original’s understated arrangement for a full-band sound, but still retaining the intimate, empathetic feeling that carried through the song and made it, for lack of a better word, warm.

Disq had planned on bringing the cover out for their Collector release tour, but with that canceled, deBroux-Slone says, “My hope is that somebody who is a fan of Disq or Wilco (or both, or neither) could find some comfort in our version of this song (I know I’ve found comfort in Mister Tweedy’s original).” Listen below.