Doves: Kingdom of Rust

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Doves: <em>Kingdom of Rust</em>

Like a rock

At this year’s Grammys, Chris Martin joked that Coldplay wasn’t the hardest rock band in the world; they were more like limestone. But most Coldplay haters wouldn’t point to the softness of the band’s sound: Martin and Co. excel at soaring melodies; it’s just that they never return to earth. There’s little dissonance to challenge or balance them. Therein lies the strength of Doves: The Manchester group’s anthemic choruses don’t quite reach the heights of Coldplay’s best, but the noisy guitars and clashing industrial beats that launch them skyward make the band even more satisfying. On Doves’ fourth LP, Kingdom of Rust, the music is more granite than limestone, continuing 2005 album Some Cities’ move toward cacophonous beauty. A busy array of guitars, keys and effects all vie for attention, making those moments when Jimi Goodwin’s vocals leave orbit feel like an accomplishment instead of an indulgence.