Song Premiere: Exwhy - "Salt"

Music Audio Exwhy
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Atlanta-based foursome Exwhy are releasing their track “Salt” off of their upcoming album, The Feels, set to release on February 5 of next year.

”’Salt’ is the most difficult thing I’ve ever written about, in subject,” said vocalist/guitarist Jack Fowler. “I was in a relationship for a long time with someone who was haunted by a past trauma. All I could do was watch them struggle. It permeated her life, our relationship, my life. You can listen to the song for the details, it’s only semi-poetic, mostly blunt. I wrote it to raise conversation around these things – a lot of people struggling with such trauma fight it alone, quietly. As their lover, all you can do is be patient and transparent. In execution, the song starts like any relationship does, loud and exciting. But once the shit hits the fan, and the reality of what exists in the dark begins to set in, everything becomes uncomfortably intimate, and quiet. When it explodes at the end, that’s rage, despair, loneliness – you’d give anything to take it away, but it’s not your fight, so you just coo yourself to sleep. Heavy shit, right?”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Salt,” streaming above.

You can pre-order The Feels now at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.