Frank Ocean Teases Boys Don't Cry With Mysterious Livestream

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The follow-up to Frank Ocean’s highly acclaimed debut album Channel Orange has famously been a long time coming, and fans have grown impatient as the projected release date for Ocean’s tentatively-titled sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry has been pushed further and further back—the latest rumor was this July, which never came to pass. However, Ocean has posted a mysterious livestream to his website that possibly hints at the album’s long-awaited premiere.

Ever since the release of Ocean’s first album in 2012, the incredibly talented R&B singer has been taking his time capitalizing on the hype of Channel Orange—hints of a second LP weren’t even on the radar until early 2015, and probably won’t come to fruition until later this year. Multiple sources, however, have promised that the extra time being taken to polish the album off will be more than worth it, teasing at some of Ocean’s most impressive work to date following hits like “Thinkin Bout You”, “Novocane” and “Forrest Gump”.

Ocean’s official website, whose URL is now, is now airing an Apple Music livestream of a strange black and white scene: two desks arranged side by side in what appears to be Ocean’s studio. Check out the stream for yourself but make sure to use a Safari web browser to view the content.