Relive the Infamous Fyre Festival with Netflix Doc's New Trailer

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened arrives on Jan. 18

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Relive the Infamous Fyre Festival with Netflix Doc's New Trailer

2017’s Fyre Festival, staged on a remote Bahamian island, was promoted as a “transformative” and “immersive” event that would scale new heights of opulence and luxury, raising the bar for destination music festivals everywhere.

It wasn’t, and it didn’t!

Surely by now you’ve heard the story of Fyre Fest, a classic case of expectations versus reality that wildly inconvenienced a legion of rich millennials and took over the internet in the process, spawning viral tweets we’re still laughing at and landing its creators, including organizer Billy McFarland and rapper/festival ambassador Ja Rule, in lots of hot water. What Netflix’s new documentary posits is: You haven’t heard it quite like this.

The forthcoming doc’s synopsis promises “a first-hand look into [the] disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves,” a promise on which its new trailer—unlike anyone behind Fyre itself—actually delivers. “Desperate people do desperate things,” reasons one interviewee in the clip, which highlights both the fraudulent maneuvering behind the festival’s big hoodwink and the actual, boots-on-the-ground details of the anarchy. The trailer ends with McFarlane promising “the biggest event of the decade”—in some patently ridiculous way, perhaps history will prove him right.

Directed by Emmy-nominated Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond helmer Chris Smith, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened hits Netflix Jan. 18. See the doc’s new trailer and key art below, and revisit its previous teaser here.