Glass Animals Release Videogame-Inspired "Season 2 Episode 3" Video

Music Video Glass Animals
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On their latest album How To be A Human Being, British indie-electronic group Glass Animals took the lazy, couch potato day of which none of us is proud and turned it into a song, “Season 2 Episode 3.” They just released a music video for the track that expands this concept into an entire surreal world.

Lead vocalist Dave Bayley described the song’s heroine in a statement as, “That person we all know who sits around all day playing videogames, binging on Netflix, ordering Uber Eats, smoking and basically doing NOTHING.” The song’s lyrics describe her thusly:

Leftover breakfast, cereal for lunch
She’s broken but she’s fun
My girl eats mayonnaise
From a jar when she’s gettin’ blazed
She’s drunk on old cartoons
Liquid TV afternoons
Sometimes it makes me laugh
Sometimes it makes me sad

The video doesn’t shy away from debauchery—it even opens with a montage of half-eaten food and rubbish. But director Whoopi doesn’t shame the protagonist; he pokes fun at this lifestyle with affection. Between comedically-timed audio/visual parallels and the actress’ priceless facial expressions, the video never feels anything but light-hearted.

About a minute and a half in, the scene transforms into a low-pixelation, videogame version of the girl’s life. She captures soda cans and lobs basketballs with a skateboard.

The band is actually turning this section of the video into a real game that will be available at the end of the month. “The music video is already pulled from all types of retro games, so it’s only right to make it interactive by putting the control of the video into the hand of the fans,” Whoopi explained.

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for the app coming soon.