Glastonbury Festival Will Likely Change Locations in 2019 to Preserve the Original Site

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As with crops, so with music festivals: England’s Worthy Farm ground is getting worn out, so Glastonbury is due for a rotation. In 2019 the legendary festival will likely move to a location about 100 miles “towards the Midlands,” Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis told BBC News, before returning to Worthy Farm the following year.

If this new plan goes smoothly, it’ll become a regular occurrence every five years. The festival has so far been coping with the problem by taking breaks every five years—now, there’ll be no need for Glastonbury-goers to mourn twice a decade.

Of course, this is a couple of years away. Next year’s Glastonbury will take place in the normal spot, just as it has since 1970. Radiohead are set to headline the event, so it’s sure to be epic. Find Paste Cloud audio from a 1999 Radiohead show below.