The Go! Team Announce Get Up Sequences Part One, Share Jaunty Lead Single

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The Go! Team Announce <i>Get Up Sequences Part One</i>, Share Jaunty Lead Single

The Go! Team have announced their sixth full-length album, Get Up Sequences Part One, out July 2. The ensemble band also released an accompanying video for “World Remember Me Now,” the forthcoming album’s summery, drum-heavy final track that doubles as its lead single. Go! Team’s lead vocalist Ninja and the Kansas City Girl Choir perform the song with moxie, and croon about feeling forgotten and lost in a monotonous world. Ninja sings, “Baby / It’s just another day / If there’s another way / Then where’s the sign, ‘cause I don’t see one.”

Ian Parton, the group’s songwriter, shared that this lead single “was written ages ago but has become strangely relevant to the world now.” Parton’s words carry a particular resonance, considering the shroud of uncertainty that continues to swaddle the world, but also speak to the songwriter’s struggle to process his diagnosis with Meniere’s, a hearing loss disorder, during the making of the album. Parton described Get Up Sequences Part One as his “life raft.” The energy he, Ninja, Nia, Simone, Sam and Adam poured into crafting these 10 new vibrant, sample heavy, genre-blending Go! Team tracks will likely offer their attentive audience some sonic salvation, too.

Check out the flower powered, grainy aesthetics that riddle the music video for “World Remember Me Now” below and find more details for Get Up Sequences Part One further down.

Get Up Sequences Part One Tracklist:
01. Let the Seasons Work
02. Cookie Scene
03. A Memo for Maceo
04. We Do it but Never Know Why
05. Freedom Now
06. Pow
07. I Loved You Better
08. A Bee Without its Sting
09. Tame the Great Plains
10. World Remember Me Now

Get Up Sequences Part One Album Art: