Godcaster Announce Debut Album Long Haired Locusts, Unveil New Single "Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth"

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Godcaster Announce Debut Album <i>Long Haired Locusts</i>, Unveil New Single "Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth"

Philadelphia and NYC-based experimental rock crew Godcaster have announced their debut album Long Haired Locusts, out Sept. 4 via Ramp Local. Today, they’ve also released a new single, “Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth.”

Godcaster made a name for themselves through unhinged live performances. This track showcases that same eccentricity, and it’s the fourth single from the record so far. Recorded in a Philadelphia basement, the sound is as polished as it is DIY. The song titles themselves say enough about the weirdness, like the Michael Jackson-esque flash of “Don’t Make Stevie Wonder.”

Preorder Long Haired Locusts here, and listen to “Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth” below. Keep scrolling for the album art and tracklist.

Long Haired Locusts Album Artwork:


Long Haired Locusts Tracklist:

01. Even Your Blood is Electric
02. Apparition of the Virgin Mary in my Neighborhood
03. Sassy Stick Boy
04. Dirtbike Bike (Vaccine Girl)
05. Don’t Make Stevie Wonder
06. Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth
07. Christ in Capsule Form
08. Blister Intercom
09. Escape from the Challenger Deep
10. Sexy Heffer
11. All the Feral Girls in the Universe
12. The Skull!!!
13. Bingo Bodies / Long Haired Locusts
14. Outro