Gustaf Share Video for New Single "Design"

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Gustaf Share Video for New Single "Design"

Brooklyn outfit Gustaf have shared their latest single “Design,” alongside its accompanying video. “Design” follows their debut single “Mine.” Both songs were produced by Chris Coady (Beach House, TV on the Radio) and will be released as a seven-inch vinyl single on Dec. 4 via Royal Mountain Records.

“Design” is a punchy post-punk song about how people are less autonomous than we think we are. Systems get stronger and stronger, eventually smothering people and sucking up all the oxygen, and Gustaf’s rhythm-forward sound mimics these machine-like structures—plus they add some playful cheek for good measure.

Vocalist Lydia Gammill says of the song:

Although the title of the song is not the refrain (“desire”), we named the track “Design” because it is a commentary on how our desires and critiques of others are a product of our design. Like in “Mine,” the narrator addresses an invisible critic, arguing that the ills we believe to be unique to ourselves are the result of an oppressive system. However, in the end we’re just shouting at the back of someone’s head as they leave the room.

Watch the video for “Design” below, and preorder their seven-inch single here.