Holly Miranda: The Magician's Private Library

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Holly Miranda: <em>The Magician's Private Library</em>

Spellbinding solo debut from former Jealous’ Girlfriends frontwoman

“Open up your head, we found a secret,” Holly Miranda promises on “Forest Green Oh Forest Green,” the first track of her debut LP.

The soulful Brooklynite could well be referring to her album itself, which is strewn with hidden gems furnished by David Sitek’s deft production and Miranda’s skillful songwriting. High points are plentiful; on “Waves,” Sitek’s pitter-patter percussion buoys Miranda’s stirring delivery, and the shimmering guitar hooks and cymbal splashes that open “Joints” underscore her spectral narrative of being haunted by unrequited love. With a voice as gauzy as Miranda’s, though, even the most nuanced production threatens to swallow her up, as is the case on on “No One Just Is,” the album’s disjointed low point. Still, under Sitek’s guidance, Miranda has created an enchanting, promising debut that is ultimately all her own.