Horsegirl Sign to Matador Records, Announce Free Livestream

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Horsegirl Sign to Matador Records, Announce Free Livestream

Chicago teen trio Horsegirl have found a label in New York’s Matador Records. The band, consisting of Penelope Lowenstein (she/her), Nora Cheng (she/her) and Gigi Reece (they/them), put out one of Paste’s 25 Best EPs of 2020 with Ballroom Dance Scene et cetera (best of Horsegirl).

The members of Horsegirl met and forged their bonds while knee-deep in the local Chicago scene, frequenting shows together and sending music back and forth. This is a tradition they now share with fans via their frequently updated Spotify playlist “HORSEGIRL SOUNDS (radio hour).” After performing at an open mic together and having a brief stint in a Sonic Youth cover band, their noisy, punky and effortlessly cool sound emerged, and before even graduating high school, Horsegirl have rightfully marked themselves as ones to watch.

Horsegirl is celebrating their signing to Matador Records with a free livestream on April 12. Fans can tune in to Vans Channel 66 at 7 p.m. EST to catch the live performance.

In response to their signing, Horsegirl put out the following statement:

Today is Wednesday, a wonderful day for some wonderful news. We are very excited to announce that Horsegirl has signed to Matador Records.
Two years ago when we were underclassmen, we pooled together our money to see Yo La Tengo live (Ira Kaplan handed us his guitar). That fall we played a show in the street with a Stephen Malkmus poster taped to the kick drum. When Belle & Sebastian played the entirety of If You’re Feeling Sinister at Pitchfork, we stood in the front and said Judy had a dream of Horsegirl. Matador has been formative for our relationship as friends and musicians, and we feel insanely grateful to be working with them.
We are really appreciative of everybody who has amplified our work in these past few months, the people who’ve found us and understand what we’re going for, and the Chicago kids who’ve understood all along.
To the adults at the Yo La Tengo show who said we were too young to like good music (and made fun of Penelope for bringing her backpack): kids are going to bring punk-rock back.

Check out Horsegirl’s most recent release below. You can tune in to the band’s April 12 livestream here.