Jack White Will Replace Morgan Wallen as SNL's Next Musical Guest

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Jack White Will Replace Morgan Wallen as <i>SNL</i>'s Next Musical Guest

Jack White will be Saturday Night Live’s upcoming musical guest, filling in as a replacement on Oct. 10.

Country musician Morgan Wallen was originally set to perform on SNL this weekend, until a video of Wallen partying and ignoring COVID-19 precautions began to circulate, which led to his SNL invitation being retracted.

“I was getting ready for SNL this Saturday and I got a call from the show letting me know that I would no longer be able to play. And that’s because of Covid protocols, which I understand,” Wallen said in an Instagram apology video. “I am not positive for Covid, but my actions this past weekend were pretty shortsighted and they’ve obviously affected my long term goals and my dreams.”

Jack White has appeared on SNL three times previously and is releasing The White Stripes Greatest Hits album on Dec. 4.