Watch Adam Lambert and James Corden Have a Queen-Off on The Late Late Show

Music Video James Corden
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Last night, on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Corden commented on the recent announcement of a 24-date tour with Queen, rock legends, and Adam Lambert, the former American Idol star, this summer. “In my head growing up I thought that I would always make a great frontman for Queen,” Corden told the audience. “I’m not saying I would be a better frontman than [Lambert]; I’m just saying I would be a better frontman than him.” Lo and behold, out came Lambert and Queen.

Threats were made, and eventually Corden and Lambert decided to settle this like any grown men would: by singing a bunch of songs. Corden pulled out some impressive stops with “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Find Me Somebody to Love,” and then relinquishing the title of Queen frontman to Lambert, who assured him that it’s okay because, “It’s just the way it is.” But who really wins? Nobody. Because Freddie Mercury can’t be replaced, and while Lambert is talented enough in his own right, it’s just not the same. And no amount of consoling will change that.

Check out the video above, find Queen and Lambert’s tour dates here, find Paste’s list of the best Queen songs here, and enjoy Paste Cloud audio from a 1977 Queen show below.

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