Live Photos: Jay Som Shreds at Baby's All Right

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Live Photos: Jay Som Shreds at Baby's All Right

Jay Som, the musical moniker of Bay Area wunderkind Melina Duterte after she encountered the Wu-Tang Names Generator, knows how to rock the fuck out. That fact may not be immediately apparent; her debut full-length LP, Everybody Works, sifts through gentle orchestration, lo-fi indie pop and shoegaze detours. But during her show last week at Baby’s All Right, Duterte and her band broke out in a guitar battle before inviting the crowd to scream the standout line from “The Bus Song.” The Brooklyn crowd stole the mantle from Chicago for loudest crowd co-vocalists on the tour, straining their vocal chords with the chant, “But I like the bus.” Paste photographer Drew Reynolds captured the incessant shredding and shouting in the gallery above. Jay Som is touring the US through mid June.

Song Highlights
“The Bus Song”
“One More Time, Please”