Joe Exotic Sees Spike on Spotify After Tiger King

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Joe Exotic Sees Spike on Spotify After <i>Tiger King</i>

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, the only thing more talked-about than COVID-19 right now is probably America’s one and only Joe Exotic, aka the Tiger King. One item of interest (among many) that came to light during the popular Netflix docu-series was that Exotic moonlights as a country singer. Following the show’s premiere on the streaming platform on March 20, fans began to seek out his music. The single “I Saw A Tiger” launched on Spotify March 30, and in less than two weeks, Exotic has gained listeners from every single one of Spotify’s 79 markets, according to a news release from the streaming platform.

Exotic has seen an 18% daily increase in streams since the songs landed on Spotify. Surprisingly, Denmark is reported as the country that listens to his music the most. While the U.S. may have tracked the most listens on “I Saw A Tiger,” Denmark is streaming the song at a faster rate than anywhere else. North Dakota is listening more than any other state in the U.S. Apparently, millennials are listening more than any other age group, with the majority of Exotic’s Spotify fans falling somewhere between ages 25 and 34.

It’s no surprise that Carole Baskin’s home state of Florida is listed at number 40, making us wonder if she’s turned the whole state against Exotic. And we’re still wondering if she killed her husband, but that would be crazy, right?