Photos: Jonny Fritz - Manchester, N.H.

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Photos: Jonny Fritz - Manchester, N.H.

It’s not every day that a touring musician plays in an intimate living room setting, but Jonny Fritz, on tour in support of his new album (so new, in fact, that the very first copies were shipped to, unboxed at and sold at the 138), was certainly up to the challenge. Gathered with about 50 friends new and old, his performance at the 138 Listening Lounge was a rarity indeed.

Fritz joked with the crowd as he debuted tracks from Dad Country, accompanied by his fiddle player Joshua Hedley. Bedecked in gator-skin boots and brandishing his customized guitara birthday gift from his father, who drove down from somewhere in the great north of Maine to present it, Fritz was every bit the showman. If he was using the informal confines of the living room to practice for more serious venues, you couldn’t tell. It was a solid set, almost two hours long including a series of traditional country covers from Hedley.

Fritz even wound down the evening by helping the homeowners take out their trash, which included the allegedly coincidental placement of an empty box of corndogs (his former stage name) on the top of the trash barrel.

Jonny Fritz’s latest release Dad Country is out today via ATO records.