Hear Julie Byrne Perform Songs From Not Even Happiness and Rooms With Walls and Windows

Music Features Julie Byrne
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Hear Julie Byrne Perform Songs From <i>Not Even Happiness</i> and <i>Rooms With Walls and Windows</i>

On this day in 2014, folk singer/songwriter Julie Byrne performed songs from her debut album Rooms With Walls and Windows and her 2017 follow-up Not Even Happiness. She played the beautifully tender “Emeralds,” which came out that year, as well as “Natural Blue” and “Melting Grid,” two tracks which wouldn’t see the light of day until three years later. “Natural Blue” has now become one of Byrne’s signature songs, and it’s one of the most touching folk tunes in recent years.

Paste’s Sean Edgar called Rooms with Windows and Walls “an airy and thoroughly confident foundation of star-bright acoustic arpeggios and bildungsroman wisdom,” while he dubbed Not Even Happiness “a cosmic Xanax of zen acceptance and soothing melodies.” Paste also named Not Even Happiness one of the best albums of 2017.

Listen to Julie Byrne’s 2014 Daytrotter session below, which you can download via NoiseTrade here. Scroll down to watch Byrne’s 2017 Paste Studio session.