Kate Nash Tells BuzzFeed That She Does, In Fact, Exist

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Kate Nash Tells <i>BuzzFeed</i> That She Does, In Fact, Exist

Kate Nash, who stars in the Netflix wrestling dramedy series GLOW and released an EP titled Agenda in April, was featured on a list of “33 Singers That Only Exist In The Memories Of British Millennials” published by BuzzFeed.

The list featured other acts like La Roux and Estelle, and revisited dated and tasteless jokes about Michelle McManus—three women who are all alive and well, thank you (as La Roux’s website notes, “Current Status: In the Studio”), and need not be disturbed. When you reach Nash’s position on the list at number nine, you’ll find a grainy photo of her in a pink dress, looking up at the camera. The caption reads: “She was the cute vintage-dress-wearing girl we all wanted to be back in 2007. Presumably these days she’s wearing baggy jumpers and DMs but who knows??”

The full range of Nash’s response is on her Twitter, but she cuts to the core when she states, “ ... I am and there have been many times over the past 10 years when I haven’t been ok. Mentally, financially, emotionally, physically. And during a shitty time something like this could have seriously crushed me. And maybe someone else on that list is having a shitty time.”

Buzzfeed issued a statement to NME in which they said, appealing to flattery first, “We love Kate Nash and really did want to be her!” before following with, “Many BuzzFeed posts reference nostalgia for things we love and this list is one of those, definitely not intended to be taken literally. We wish nothing but the best for Kate.”

The best being, perhaps, public shaming for personal gain and reducing Nash to her clothing.

We’ve included a Kate Nash memory from the Paste Cloud below, one we also shared alongside the release of a recent single. It’s a 2013 performance of “The Rainbow Connection,” echoing Nash’s current calls for the media to “hold yourselves accountable for the positive change we all want to see.” As Daytrotter’s Sean Moeller wrote of the performance, “[Nash isn’t] holding onto anything. She’s just sweeping the floor, getting rid of the garbage.”

“I see shit like this all the time,” as Nash wrote in her tweets.