Watch Kendrick Lamar's Bonkers New Video for "HUMBLE."

Music Video Kendrick Lamar
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Just enjoy how bonkers this new video is. Consider that Kendrick Lamar’s head is on fire at one point in the clip for his new single “HUMBLE.” And that that self-immolation might not even make the medal stand for ridiculous things happening here.

Lamar’s seemingly dressed like a Hasidic Jew and the Pope at separate points in this video. He passes a jar of Grey Poupon through his car window. A sea of nodding bald heads effectively hides him from sight during one stretch. There’s just so much to absorb here.

And all of those wonderfully preposterous images are worth pondering before even discerning whom “HUMBLE.” or “The Heart Part 4” might be about. Arguing about whose careers Lamar is trying to end misses the vast forest for a few trees. It’s grist for the conspiracy mill. Lamar could have explicitly mentioned Drake or Big Sean or Jay Z or Future in a song, and that wouldn’t matter nearly as much as whether the new song is actually good. Or, it shouldn’t matter. The work Lamar’s putting in should be self-sustaining enough.

With the release of this new track last night, it seems like all of the April 7 talk might really be a new album. If so, next Friday’s going to be a great day for hip-hop.

Watch the “HUMBLE.” video above, and revisit Lamar’s previous single here.