Song Premiere: Leland Sundries - "Studebaker"

Music Audio Leland Sundries
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Brooklyn-based Leland Sundries is a five-piece led by singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton. The band is releasing their second single “Studebaker” off of their upcoming full-length, Music For Outcasts, to be released in early 2016.

“There’s a chord shape that I found around the same time in two places: a twee indie pop song and a weird version of an old cowboy song,” said Loss-Eaton of the track. “I suppose it’s a Dm+2. For you tab nuts, it’s x03230. I love it. Originally, I took it and spent an entire spring and summer learning a simplified version of a Leonard Cohen style of fingerpicking (that dude is an underrated guitarist). Once I took into the studio and tossed it around a bit, producer Quinn McCarthy asked me if I’d ever played it in 4:4 time. We demoed it with him on drums, and it became this more anthemic thing. Finally, when the full band came in, we gave it a submarine/grain silo reverb and it became this more modern indie rock thing.”

The lyrical inspiration for “Studebaker” came from both film and literature.

“A couple of things influenced the lyrics: the film Cool Hand Luke, and the book On The Road,” continued Loss-Eaton. “The chorus felt like an extension of the scene in the film where he takes down all of the parking meters with the old car. The bridge was improvised in the studio. Quinn asked me to just tell a story and when thinking of old cars and such, On The Road came to mind, and Denver, where I started a tour in 2012. The rhyme scheme on the lyrics was an exercise that led to some interesting imagery. For the poets out there, it was AABCCB.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Studebaker” above.