Lizzo Debuts Title Track from Her Forthcoming Album Cuz I Love You

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Lizzo Debuts Title Track from Her Forthcoming Album <i>Cuz I Love You</i>

Body-positive bop star Lizzo has assembled a legion of loyal followers, and for good reason: Infectiously funky beats, catchy hooks and an unapologetic stage presence (which includes playing the flute while twerking) are just a few things to adore. Thursday, Lizzo added yet another item to that list, debuting the addicting new title track from her forthcoming album Cuz I Love You— just in time for Valentine’s Day head-banging.

The track wastes no time in sweeping the listener off their feet, cutting in with a soulful, wailing chorus that showcases a vocal prowess not previously seen from the singer. Crashing big-band instrumentals catapult you from one verse to another with a sound that’s full, grandiose and not at all unlike the swelling symphonic brass of Nina Simone’s equally addicting 1965 hit “Feeling Good.” Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lizzo song without a myriad of quotable quips, and verses rapped over dance-y jazz club-esque piano supply exactly that.

Lizzo said on Twitter that she wrote the song, which features production from pop-rock group X Ambassadors, in just 10 minutes. She also debuted a music video to accompany the single.

Cuz I Love You is easily one of the most-anticipated albums of the year, and singles like title track “Cuz I Love You” and retro-funk banger “Juice” promise a project that’ll be well worth the wait. You can stream the new song and preorder the album here.

Check out the video for “Cuz I Love You” (dir. Quinn Wilson) below, along with Lizzo’s 2016 Daytrotter Session.