Did Lorde Have a Secret Onion Ring-Rating Instagram Account? All Signs Point to Yes

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Did Lorde Have a Secret Onion Ring-Rating Instagram Account? All Signs Point to Yes

When traveling the world on tour, one can only assume that pop superstar Lorde encounters plentiful opportunities to try foods of all origins, from the delicacies of France, to the peculiar meats of eastern Asia and to the onion rings of, well, everywhere.

The “Green Light” singer’s secret Instagram account, on which she rated the deliciousness of onion rings from her travels, appears to have been exposed, finally resolving the question keeping us up at night: “Does Lorde like onion rings enough to start an Instagram account on which she rates their deliciousness?” The answer is yes.

How was the account discovered, you might ask? Stealthy New Zealander and brave investigative journalist, Newshub’s Anna Bracewell-Worrall (remember her name as she goes forth to do bigger and better things), found “@onionringsworldwide” on Instagram and deduced from an array of clues that Lorde was its operator.

Clue number one was the list of just 24 followers, which included Lorde and friends. Clue number two was the alignment of Lorde’s performance schedule with where the onion rings were being eaten. (For example, one of posts shows an onion ring eaten on a plane from Tennessee to New York on the same night Lorde posted a Twitter picture of her eating Sonic after Bonnaroo.) Clue number three was the language used in the posts, which is super Lorde-y (onion rings consumed “ceremoniously,” “flavor” written as “flavour” and so forth). Clue number four was the immaculate, short fingernails that could only belong to Lorde holding the onion rings in the posts.

The account has since been deleted after its discovery, which is a shame. It’s 2017; it’s time to accept onion ring lovers for who they are, no matter how famous. Lorde’s second album, Melodrama, is set to release on June 16. We hope there’s at least one song about onion rings.

Lorde has yet to publicly acknowledge @onionringsworldwide. See screenshots of the account in the Newshub report below.