Lou Roy Announces Debut Album Pure Chaos, Shares Lead Single "Uppercut"

Co-produced by Sarah Tudzin (illuminati hotties)

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Lou Roy Announces Debut Album <i>Pure Chaos</i>, Shares Lead Single "Uppercut"

Last September, Los Angeles indie-pop singer/songwriter Lou Roy charmed us with her debut release on U.K. indie label Balloon Machine (heka, Laura Fell), the “effortlessly engaging” “Valkyrie.” There’s more where that came from, as Roy has detailed her first full-length, Pure Chaos, coming April 29, and shared its latest single, the joyously resilient “Uppercut.”

Like “Valkyrie” before it, Pure Chaos is co-produced by Roy and Sarah Tudzin (illuminati hotties), who also knows a thing or two about free-wheeling, irreverent indie-pop music. On “Uppercut,” their combined expertise results in a dynamic and life-affirming ode to rolling with life’s punches and relishing every day above ground. Gentle guitars and keys frame Roy’s vocals as she surveys both moments of joy and moments where life “couldn’t get more fucked,” letting it all wash over her with a grace given, in part, by her art (“And when the record starts / I get real tough / It’s a jab, cross, hook, hook, uppercut”). Over the second chorus’ climactic guitar chug, she promises, “I swear it to you babe we’ll always have our fun / Even when we’re grinded into cosmic dust / And even when we’re back on earth as pond scum / I swear it to you babe we’ll always have our fun.”

Listen to “Uppercut” below, and find the details of Pure Chaos further down. You can preorder the record right here.

Pure Chaos Tracklist:
01. Valkyrie
02. Scroll
03. Uppercut
04. U.D.I.D.
05. If We Were Strangers
06. Myth
07. Down Since ’07
08. Bull Ride
09. Big Anvil
10. Dream
11. Talkin’ To Ya

Pure Chaos Cover Art: