Live-Stream Magic Sword Live at Daytrotter!

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The uprising is coming to Daytrotter, and Magic Sword want you—yes, you—to join in the fight against evil.

Magic Sword are essentially Daft Punk melded with Dungeons and Dragons. The trio hails from The Shores of Oblivion, and is made up of The Keeper of the Magic Sword, The Seer of All Truths and The Weaver of all Hearts and Souls. More importantly, their music is a grandiose and operatic take on electronica, infused with a flash that fits their mythos.

Magic Sword are currently taking their war against the forces of darkness on the road for The Awakening Tour, which tonight brings them to Davenport, Iowa, the home of Daytrotter. Idpyramid and Alex Body will support the trio’s performance, and our friends at Daytrotter are streaming the whole shebang via Facebook Live.

Tune in via Daytrotter’s Facebook page here. The stream starts at 8 p.m. CST—while you’re waiting, get a feel for Magic Sword’s entrancing live show below.