Margo Price's "All American Made" Music Video Is an Ode to Small-Town America

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Margo Price's "All American Made" Music Video Is an Ode to Small-Town America

Midwest born-and-raised singer-songwriter and 2016 Paste Best of What’s Next pick Margo Price has released a music video for the title track from her latest album, All American Made.

Price’s sophomore album was released in October 2017 to critical acclaim (including from critics here at Paste). The album’s closer, its title track, is a humble search for answers, admitting that the “American Dream” might not be as shiny as advertised but is still worth salvaging yet.

The video for “All American Made” returns to the roots from which Price grew: working-class America. It highlights real people (no actors were used in the video) on various walks of life across the nation, from Nashville and Los Angeles to Detroit and Indiana. It’s an ode to the small town, showing farmers, factory workers, pastors, Trump supporters and members of the Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition alike. Not making any argument about which of the people shown are better or more correct, Price instead showcases their common ground through struggle and real human stories.

Check out the video below and revisit our feature on Price, Brandy Clark and working-class voices in country music here. For more from Price, find a live performance of “About To Find Out,” from her debut album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter and pulled from the Paste archives, further down below.