Legend of Zelda Christmas Album, A Merry Hyrule Christmas, Is Releasing Today

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Legend of Zelda Christmas Album, <I>A Merry Hyrule Christmas</I>, Is Releasing Today

Move over Mariah Carey, there’s a new Christmas music giant in town. Materia Collective, a Seattle-based game music group, is releasing the Legend of Zelda Christmas album A Merry Hyrule Christmas today.

A Merry Hyrule Christmas is the first album to combine music from The Legend of Zelda franchise with classic holiday tunes of various genres,” said arranger and producer Eric Buchholz. “We have Zelda music with a Christmas twist, as well as Christmas music with a Zelda Twist!”

The album features eight tracks, combining both famous christmas carols and Zelda compositions.

Bulchholz has previously worked with the Legend of Zelda Anniversary Symphony concert team as an assistant to the music director and soundtracks for games like Ori And The Will Of The Wisps and Fortnite.

A Merry Hyrule Christmas is out now on all storefronts and streaming platforms. You can check out the first track, “Kakariko Village,” below.